• Product Info

    PLEASE do not submerge the grinder lid in any type of liquid or use any cleaning products (especially rubbing alcohol) on the printed image. It may cause the image to peel.

    If you need to clean the inside of the grinder lid you can fill up a bowl with cleaning solution, take the top of the grinder lid and flip it over so the teeth are facing up.  Pour the cleaning solution into the grinder lid (being careful not to overfill) and let it soak that way.

    All images are printed directly onto the grinder lids using a commercial printer (not a sticker) from our print shop in Arizona.  We do our best to ship our products as quickly as possible and orders typically ship out next business day.   


    4 individual pieces, 3 chambers, 1 mini pollen scraper
    Made from heavy duty zinc alloy
    Magnetized top lid keeping precious herbs safe from spills
    Razor sharp, diamond-shaped teeth capable of grinding your toughest herbs
    Mesh screen filters the finest pollen
    O-ring placed between lid and second chamber creating a smoother grinding experience